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Introduction & Overview: (Word) (PDF)
Users’ Guide: (Word) (PDF)
Reviewer Evaluation Form: (Word) (PDF)
Tool Binder Covers: (PPT)

Minimum Program Requirement Indicator Guide
Table of Contents (Word) (PDF)

Administrative Capacity
Section I: Local Health Department Powers and Duties (Word) (PDF)
Plan of Organization Guidance

Local Public Health Operations
Section II: Food Service (Word) (PDF)
Section III: General Communicable Disease Control (Word) (PDF)
Section IV: Hearing (Word) (PDF)
Section V: Immunization (Word) (PDF)
Section VI: On-Site Wastewater Treatment Management (Word) (PDF)
Section VII: HIV/AIDs and Sexually Transmitted Disease (Word) (PDF)
Section VIII: Vision (Word) (PDF)

Categorical Services
Section IX: Breast and Cervical Cancer Control Program (Word) (PDF)
Section X: Family Planning (Word) (PDF)
Section XI: Women, Infants, and Children Administration (Word) (PDF)
Section XII: Children’s Special Health Care Services (Word) (PDF)

All Sections (PDF)