The Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program:
Assuring and enhancing the quality of local public health in Michigan

Welcome to the Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program! We are a recognized leader in efforts to improve the performance of Michigan’s public health system. With a vision for improved quality, the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, Michigan Public Health Institute, and partners began statewide accreditation of 45 Michigan local health departments in 1998. Today, we are helping to develop the first national accreditation program for state and local public health departments – an effort that will help make all our Michigan communities healthier places to live, work, learn, and play.

Today’s Public Health System

We rely on our public health system to keep us healthy and safe from disease and injury. Across the country, more than 2,800 state, local, and tribal public health departments are helping Americans lead healthier lives. They:

  • Provide vaccinations and disease prevention programs;
  • Ensure our food, water, and air are safe and clean;
  • Respond to emerging health threats, like H1N1; and
  • Identify and promote policies that create healthy communities.

How Accreditation Improves Our Health

Hospitals, schools, police, and fire departments employ standards to help protect and serve the public. Our Michigan public health accreditation standards assure local health departments maximize their potential to protect and improve people’s health in their communities. Accreditation is a successful program for routinely assessing performance and improving quality!

Our Mission

The Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program seeks to assure and enhance the quality of local public health in Michigan by identifying and promoting the implementation of public health standards for local public health departments, and evaluating and accrediting local health departments on their ability to meet these standards.


The program is a collaborative effort between the Michigan Public Health Institute; the Michigan Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development,  Health & Human Services; and  Environmental Quality, the Michigan Association for Local Public Health, and Michigan’s local public health departments.  The Michigan Department of Health & Human Services provides oversight and funding for the Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation Program.

Contact Information

Jessie Jones, MPA, ASQ-CQIA
Project Coordinator Office of Accreditation and Quality Improvement
Michigan Public Health Institute
2342 Woodlake Drive, Okemos, MI 48864
Phone: 517-324-8387
Fax: 517-324-1220
Website: https://www.miophi.org/