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All-Sections 2019 (BCCCCNP)The following documents are in both PDF and Word formats. PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader Software to view and print. A free copy of the software is available for downloading at: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html. Read and follow the directions carefully. If you encounter difficulties during the download, contact Adobe or your system administrator.

Introduction & Overview (Word) (PDF)
Cycle 7 On-Site Review Schedule (Word) (PDF)
LHD Users’ Guide (Word) (PDF)
Reviewer Evaluation Form (Word) (PDF) (Web)
Tool Binder Covers (PPT) (PDF)

Minimum Program Requirement Indicator Guide
Table of Contents (Word) (PDF)

Administrative Capacity
Section I: Powers and Duties (Word) (PDF)
Section I: QIS: Powers and Duties- Quality Improvement Supplement (Word) (PDF)
*LHD Plan of Organization Guidance (PDF)

Local Public Health Operations
Section II: Food Service (Word) (PDF)
Section III: General Communicable Disease Control (Word) (PDF)
Section IV: Hearing (Word) (PDF)
Section V: Immunization (Word) (PDF)
Section VI: Onsite Wastewater Treatment Management (Word) (PDF)
Section VII: HIV/AIDS & STD (Word) (PDF)
*Optional Program Companion Guide  (Word) (PDF)
Section VIII: Vision (Word) (PDF)

Categorical Services

 NOTE:  Section IX: BCCCNP is not evaluated as a part of the Accreditation program beginning in 2019

Section X: Family Planning (Word) (PDF)
Section XI: Women, Infants, and Children Administration (WIC) (Word) (PDF)
Section XII: Children’s Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) (Word) (PDF)

All Sections (PDF))